A global company of auditors and consultants who deliver turnkey projects for all your compliance auditing, consulting, and certification needs. Projects are effectively delivered using industry best practices, keeping in mind your required timelines and set budgets, utilizing all available resources efficiently.

We are updated with the constant technological developments in the compliance field, with a team of tech-forward auditors and consultants who not only understand your information systems deeply, but who also excel at auditing compliance automation tools. We always find new and innovative methods to expedite projects, moving away from traditional mindsets around compliance auditing.

Companies are developing global business structures that require specific information security requirements to grab international markets. CertPro provides uncomplicated auditing and consulting services to achieve industry-specific credibility. Massive data models are produced and utilized regularly, which is the lifeblood of today’s business ecosystems. Digitalizing operational models increases the risk of digital vulnerabilities – making cybersecurity and data privacy a prime concern for organizations.

Our solutions-centric mindset aims to cater to this niche – ensuring that information security, and compliance in general, is more accessible, easy to understand and affordable.



Company Histry
Company Histry
Company Histry

executive team

Our team of experienced auditors lead by example, always setting the bar high for all our members. Our management is widespread across geographies where we are present, accessible to not just our internal teams but also to our clients, associates and partners.

HItesh mittal

HItesh mittal

Executive Director




Executive Director


Subbaiah KU

Subbaiah KU

Regional Director


Benedict Essandoh

Benedict Essandoh

Regional Director


what sets us apart


CertPro believes that transparent and concise communication is the key to success. We translate complex compliance data into actionable insights through clear and concise communication. We ensure that our clients have an open path to communication at all times.


We offer industry-best services for clients. Our skilled professionals deliver unbiased and effective auditing services that ensure a globally accepted compliance process. We always abide by auditing principles to ensure highest levels of integrity.


We’re not just auditors; we’re your guide. CertPro anticipates challenges, navigates complexities, and keeps you informed with a forward-thinking approach. Gaps in systems are identified and our clients are always appraised of the same maintain transparency.


We are a solution-driven international auditing and consulting firm. CertPro identifies issues and recommends strategic plans to ensure your position in competitive markets. Generating a report is not the end goal – we empower our clients by offering valuable insights post audits.


We offer tailored services for our clients that simplify the cost-effective auditing. Our expert guidance streamlines the certification processes, reducing the outlay of resources. CertPro helps cut compliance costs, saving you from audit overheads.

EXPERT guidance

CertPro guides you through compliance, from assessment to certification. Years of experience in the consulting and auditing fields ensures you are in the hands of experts. We also ensure to constantly upgrade our skillsets through training programs for our people.

mission, vision & Values


Our mission is to grow as a company while remaining committed to our fundamental values. We prioritize collaboration and mutual success, fostering a culture of trust with clients and team members. This people-centric approach fuels our company’s growth. Our commitment is our prerogative; we are bound to offer quality services to our clients.


Our vision is to be a global leader in the auditing, consulting and certification space. We are committed to continuous improvement and adapting to the changing business landscapes. We aim to provide our clients with the best solutions and auditing services. CertPro is dedicated to offering top solutions and exceptional service, guiding you through compliance challenges, and helping you achieve long-term success.


We commit to the highest standards of integrity and service excellence. Our team fosters trust through open communication and continuous improvement. We deliver innovative solutions that guarantee success in regulatory compliance. Our culture of self-improvement and honest communication creates trust and transparency. We consider our people our greatest asset, emphasizing teamwork and mutual support.

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