For all steps in our implementation, We follow a standard PDCA cycle as prescribed by ISO. Multiple standards will be implemented under Integrated Management System (IMS).


  • Definition of problems
  • Setting goals
  • Choice of methods


  • Practice the method
  • Execute
  • Make changes


  • Measure and record results
  • Check for deviations
  • Root Cause Analysis


  • Corrective Actions
  • Improve the work system
  • Solutions for desired results
Projects are meticulously tracked through our Project Management Tool, providing clients with complete visibility into every aspect of their project. With real-time updates on tasks, timelines, and milestones, clients can stay informed and involved at every stage. Additionally, automatic email notifications are sent upon task and milestone completion, ensuring timely communication and keeping clients updated without any hassle.
  • Centralized communication
  • Full project visibility
  • Real-time progress tracking
  • Transparent workflow
  • Automatic email notifications for task completion
  • Document management
  • Improved team collaboration

Our standard delivery methodology follows a five step cycle. Each activity has a set of tasks, deliverables and dependencies, and each of these are tailored as per project scope and requirements.

Project kick off meeting


Understanding of organization business and drafting process inputs that are required for planning the next stages of the project. The process would also include the understanding of Legal and Regulatory requirements that need to be fulfilled for compliance. Overview of client teams, functions and processes and understanding the core areas that need improvement and documentation for success of the project.

Gap Assessment and identification of risks


Preforming a detailed assessment on the existing processes and approaches to understand risks and amount of deviation from the demands of the compliance framework. Understanding of competency to implement and maintain the standards is covered in this section.

Documentation and Training


Process remediation to align with standard requirements and provision of documents in the form of standard templates to fill in GAPs identified during GAP Assessment. Remediation of Process GAPs will be carried out with minimal effect on existing procedures. Documentation and its maintenance will be assisted by us, by giving enough training on all templates shared. Training on standards, its clauses, requirements and its application will be provided to the core members of the organization.

Internal Assessment and Reporting


Preparation of leaders so that they may evaluate the performance of the implemented system. Internal assessment evaluates compliance of the system with standard requirements, whilst also evaluating performance of organizational units. Observations identified are presented to the top management.

External Audit


A third-party audit is carried out by the audit team. The auditor will evaluate all processes as per the requirements of the compliance framework. On successful completion of External Audit (EA), certification / attestation for the compliance framework is recommended by the auditor. Respective authorities  evaluate the External Audit Reports and then attest that the client organization is compliant for the respective standard. Our consultant will assist during the EA, representing the client organization and support the end-to-end External Audit activity.

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