At CertPro, we believe trust and cooperation are the foundations of successful business relationships. We work closely with our partners and value their input through our dedicated team management personnel. CertPro offers special referral benefits to esteemed partners. We deeply appreciate the efforts of our associates and partners’ referrals to make them eligible for lucrative incentives. Our collaboration with our extremely supportive leads has unlocked a revenue-sharing process, creating a mutually beneficial situation where both parties can reap profitable rewards.

We offer our partners a unique and exclusive marketing and sales support system, underscoring our commitment to your success and our belief in the power of our partnership. We invite you to join us if you’re a business professional, potential partner, or stakeholder interested in collaboration opportunities and passionate about mutual growth. We’re committed to ensuring you feel supported and valued in our partnership.


Platform Partners

Our platform partners automate the compliance report for the clients and help us in the auditing process. The partnership benefits both of us, as we perform the audit for them. It is a mutual understanding that allows us to do business together.

Certification Partners

We collaborate with multiple compliance certification bodies, which help us with the compliance certification process. Our certification partners empower us to complete the auditing cycle and simplify the certification process.

Regional Partners

Using CertPro’s auditing and consulting skills, our associate partners open up business opportunities worldwide. CertPro gives special discounts to regional partners and earnings together. Through collaboration, we can utilize the maximum opportunities for revenue generation.

VAPT Partners

Our partnership with VAPT associates helps them unlock technical auditing opportunities through our businesses. Similarly, the partner’s non-technical auditing prospects help us explore new segments. We grow together in the highest capacity in two different but complementary fields.




Annual Revenue Growth


Sectors Served


CertPro now provides services in the USA, Australia, Singapore, SA, UK, South Africa, and the Middle East. We plan to explore more services and countries within the coming years. Your collaboration enables a favorable partner ecosystem that helps us grow together.


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